Since its inception 2006, STS Cambodia Co.,Ltd has accomplished outstanding achievements in M&E Engineering Industry
with the cooperate philosophy of Always together with customer based on the principal of respective human values and pursuing excellent income.

We are preparing ourselves for the challenging business environment in the global market and continue efforts in maintaining operational excellence, technological leadership and a dynamic workforce.

We are endeavoring to conduct ourselves at all the time with the degree of business ethics, environmental awareness and society conscience.

We will direct our resources toward achieving our customer goal objective by integrating our service under a sincere responsibility and close team work with our clients. It is our Mission to dedicate ourselves to providing our customers for the most professional and reliable service in M&E Engineering.

Our Vision is Vision To Be The Best Engineering Performance Services in Cambodia in the short period of time.

First, our company will strengthen our position in the competitive market as the most responsive and convention engineering service.

Second, once we have strong position in the market and people known how we provide the services,

we will try to give full time service and emergency call 012 856 002 to all kind of businesses, organization and government agency.
By doing so, we will be the leading M&E Engineering company that provides reliable engineering performance services in town.